Author: Atanga

The Story Behind “So Sorry”

Sometimes you miss your ex. You miss the little things and start to reminisce. You miss how they looked at you like you were the most precious thing on earth. Or how they said your name. Or how nice it…

About Bacci (Quick Bio)

Bacci (Lubasi Katundu), born 27th January 1996, is an alternative R&B singer based in Lusaka, Zambia. Bacci is described as multi-talented with his harmonious vocals, choreography, production and lyric-writing skills. Artist Statement :  “I’m Bacci & I live for music….

About Me (Updated)

  I live for music. Music has a way of tapping into things we’re feeling that we don’t have words to express. Life is full of joy and sadness and in the best and worst times in my life, I’ve…

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