About Me (Updated)


I live for music.

Music has a way of tapping into things we’re feeling that we don’t have words to express. Life is full of joy and sadness and in the best and worst times in my life, I’ve turned to music to help me process everything. Sometimes that meant making music. Sometimes it meant simply listening. Either way, it taught me that music can help us heal.

Tapping into that emotional core is what music is all about. When you do it. When you can look at someone’s face and know that they’re connecting with your music on an emotional basis, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I write, perform, and produce alternative R&B/Soul and pop. You can listen to  my music, hire me to write lyrics or instrumentals, or feature me on your projects.

If my music moves you, I’d like to invite you to follow me on your favorite social network (links below) or sign up for my  mailing list. You’ll get updates about new music and video releases, collaborations, and announcements. There’ll even be ways you can get your own licensed merchandise and, of course, I’ll often be holding giveaways and contests when possible.

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